Super Future Kid

B. 1981, East Berlin, DDR. Lives and works in London, UK.

Super Future Kid was born in East Germany is 1981 where she spent the first 8 years of her life completely unaware of the western world. The cultural shock that followed the fall of the Berlin wall left a great impression on her and played an important role in her love for bold colors, toys and everything joyful and playful. Employing bold shapes and colors her work explores a wide range of subjects that all circulate around certain ideas of childhood and youth and provides a platform which is emotionally engaging and gives the observer an opportunity to discover an alternate dreamlike reality of themselves.

She attended the Chelsea College of Art and Design and the Academy of Art Berlin Weissensee. Since her graduation in 2008, she has shown her work in several group and solo shows nationally and internationally including London, New York, Berlin, Tokyo, Los Angeles and Miami.

“Mysteries of youth, spirituality and the occult are all themes in Super Future Kids symbology, and her comfortable spelunking of hyper-natural realms is vivifying. The following transmission proves she is a friendly visitor from another dimension, hence the name. Electric pink sugar runs through her veins, and she’s often trailed by a glittery mist. During a recent touchdown in Tokyo, she spared a few milliseconds to share the secrets of her spacecraft. We spoke via hologram and the artist appeared as what can only be described as a sparkling beam of luminescent jellyfish light.” (Kristin Farr, Juxtapoz)