Erik Parker

Full Tilt

Andy Dixon

Ship Painting

Cha Yuree

The Diver

Hiroya Kurata


Devin Troy Strother

Devin Troy Strother is known for his darkly humorous alternative racial narratives in a variety of medium from cut paper to neon signage. He finds inspiration in elements as disparate as stand-up comedy, music lyrics, and contemporary politics.

Though visually simple, Strother does not shy away from uncomfortable topics and confronts his audience with some of the most pressing issues of our time through his tragic absurdities.

Nobuyoshi Araki

Prolific and contentious, Nobuyoshi Araki is a pioneer in private photography and has delved into themes surrounding sex, death, and domination since the 1960s.

Exemplified by up-close, personal snapshots of naked women gazing emptily into the camera, Araki has photographed the extremes of reality and fiction, Eros (life/ sex) and Thanatos (death), capturing the opposing elements of the two.

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