B. 1969, Paris, France. Lives and works on Earth.

Invader is one of the most enigmatic and radical living artists of our time. Since 1998, he has “invaded” cities and landmarks worldwide, adroitly placing his tiled pieces in the most ubiquitous locations.  By highlighting the growing role of technology in our everyday life, Invader forces people to think about the implications of this digital invasion. From the International Space Station to the abyss of Cancun Bay, from the Hollywood sign to the Louvre museum, from the coolest pair of sneakers to the most inventive waffle maker, and from the tiniest stickers to the largest Rubik’s cube sculpture, Invader keeps leaving unforgettable marks around the world.

Invader has been exhibited at le Musée en Herbe, Paris, France; HOCA Foundation, Hong Kong; MuseumsQuartier, Vienna, Austria; MOCA, Los Angeles, CA, USA; Museum of Contemporary Art of San Diego, SanDiego, CA, USA; Daejeon Museum of Arts, Daejon, Corée du sud, France; Musée Ingres et Musée du Louvres, Montauban, France; Borusan Center for Culture and Arts, Istanbul, Turkey; Mjelby Konstgard Museum, Halmstad, Sweden; and the Musée d’art contemporain, Lyon, France.