Nicasio Fernandez

B. 1993, Yonkers, NY, USA – Lives and works in Mahopac, NY, USA

Throughout his vibrant figurative paintings, Nicasio Fernandez displays an emotional embodiment of the human experience. Fusing a variety of art historical references from European Classical paintings, Expressionism, Surrealism with metaphors, hypothetical situations, manual labor and personal narratives, the imagery teeters between the dichotomies of the familiar and strange. The solitary, exaggerated and contorted figures rendered in saturated hues assist Fernandez’s exploration of the psychological and physical endurance submerged within contemporary life.

Nicasio Fernandez (b. 1993 Yonkers, NY) received a BFA from the School of Visual Arts in 2015. His work has been the subject of solo exhibitions including Ross+Kramer Gallery East Hampton, NY (2020); Over the Influence Los Angeles, CA (2020); Harper’s Apartment New York, NY (2018) and Kustera Projects Brooklyn, NY (2017). Nicasio Fernandez lives and works in Mahopac, New York.