Brian Robertson "Old Man in a Sweatshirt"
Brian Robertson
Brian Robertson "Old Man in a Sweatshirt"

Garey The Third is pleased to announce a new limited-edition print by Los Angeles based artist, Brian Robertson!

Brian Robertson's style of ultra-detailed and anthropomorphic portraiture, evokes a disruptively captivating draw into the surreal realm that the artist has created. The imagery for this edition, a 2020 acrylic painting by Robertson, employs the visual depth, and exclusive use of grey-tones, characteristic of his work.

Old Man in a Sweatshirt, 2020
8-Color Hand Pulled Screen Print
Coventry Rag 290gsm Paper
21 x 26in (53.24 x 66.04cm)
Hand-Signed and Numbered
Edition of 50 + 6 APs

Limit one per household