Hyangmok Baik

B. 1990, South Korea

Born in 1990 in South Korea, Hyangmok Baik received his MA in Fine Art from Hongik University in 2019. Diving into the artworld by quitting his stable job, Artist Hyangmok Baik shares his celebrative and liberating perspective on life through his painting.

Through the flattened screen with doodle-like figures, rough touches, and unexpected compositions, Hyangmok creates his own world filled with freedom on canvas. There’s no such thing as rules or strict standards in his world that he creates. Hyangmok’s piece provides a room to relax and stay curious for the viewers with his outstanding toned down color palette, and by boldly leaving out the projection of narrative.

Through his solo show “Imagine Utopia” in gallery STAN, he shared his concept of utopia during the era of pandemic with the viewers by highlighting the hope that resides in our future. With his warmth and humor, Hyangmok’s piece comes as a vacation, rest, energy and hope to the people.